Baionette Lebel-Chassepot Mousqueton 1892 M16 Pistolet Walther N°4
Baionette Mauser-Berthier Mousqueton AN IX Pistolet Walther P 38
Carabine chasseur Mdl 1846,53,59 Pistolet AN IX , AN XIII Pistolet Walther PP & PPK
Carabine Kar 98A , AZ Pistolet Astra 400 PM Beretta 38-42
Carabine MAS 45 Pistolet Beretta Mdl 1915-19 PM Grease Gun M3 , M3 A1
Carabine Rolling Block Pistolet Beretta 1934-35 PM MAS Mdl 38
Carabine US M1 A1, M2,M3 Pistolet Browning 1900 PM MAT 49
Epée Mdl 1816 & Génie 1884 Pistolet Browning 1910 PM MP 38-40
Fusil 1822 T bis Pistolet Browning 1910-22 PM Sten MKII , MKIII
Fusil AN IX , Inf Drag Marine Pistolet Browning GP 35 Revolver 1860 Army
Fusil Berthier 07-15 M16 Pistolet Cavalerie Mdl 1777 Revolver Baby dragoon
Fusil Chassepot Mdl 1866 Pistolet Cavalerie Mdl 1822 T , Tbis Revolver Colt Army 38
Fusil double 1850 Pistolet Cavalerie Mdl 1763-66 Revolver Colt New service Mdl 17
Fusil Dreyse 1862 et Modif. Pistolet Colt 1911 , 1911 A1 Revolver Colt pocket 1849
Fusil Enfield N°1 MK III Pistolet CZ 27 Revolver Colt pocket 1862
Fusil Enfield N°4 MK I Pistolet Derringer Sharps Revolver Enfield N°2 MKI
Fusil Enfield P17 Pistolet Dreyse Mdl 1907 Revolver Mdl 1873 - 1874
Fusil FAMAS F1 Pistolet Gaulois Revolver Navy 1861
Fusil FSA 17 Pistolet Gendarmerie 1770 AN IX Revolver Reichrevolver Mdl 1879
Fusil Garand M1 Pistolet Gendarmerie 1842 Revolver Reichrevolver Mdl 1883
Fusil Gewehr G43 Pistolet Lahti M35 , M40 Revolver Remington 1875
Fusil Gras Mdl 66-74, M80 Pistolet Le Français 1er Type Revolver Remington new mdl Army
Fusil Lebel Mdl 86-93 Pistolet Le Français Type C Revolver Saint Etienne 1892
Fusil MAS 36 , 36-51 , CR39 Pistolet Luger P 08 Revolver Bull dog (divers calibres)
Fusil MAS Fr F1 Pistolet MAB Mdl C 1er / 2e Type Revolver Walker
Fusil Mauser 98K Pistolet MAC 50 Sabre 1882 Officier - Troupe
Fusil Mauser 1888 Pistolet MAS 1935 A Sabre 1882 Inf.Glaive Trp.1831
Fusil Mauser Belge M89 Pistolet 1935 S-SM1 Sabre 1822 Cav.Trp & Officier
Fusil Mauser G98 Pistolet Mauser C96 Sabre 1829 canonnier Trp.Off
Fusil Mauser Mdl 71-84 Pistolet Mauser HSC Sabre Carabinier 1854 Trp. & Off.
Fusil Mdl 1842-42T Pistolet Mauser Mdl 1910-1934 Sabre Cav légère 1822 Trp & Off.
Fusil mitrailleur FM 24-29 Pistolet Mdl P37 Hongrois Sabre s/off 45-55 , Briquet AN IX
Fusil Springfield 1863 Pistolet Radom VIS 35 Terminologie des Armes Blanches
Fusil Springfield 1873 Trap-door Pistolet Ruby Mdl 14  
Fusil Springfield A1-A4 Pistolet Sauer & Sohn Mdl 38  
Fusil tabatière 1857-59 Pistolet Savage Mdl 1907  
Fusil Winchester 1866 Pistolet Savage Mdl 1917  
Mitrailleuse MG 42 Pistolet Steyr Mdl 1908  
Mousqueton 1822 T Pistolet Tokarev Mdl 33  
Mousqueton 1842 Pistolet Unique Type R  


Here you will find the exploded various models of old regulatory weapons, we do not have the completeness.

According to their availability and their conditions of conservation, order online is excluded, you can send us an availability request via the form or email.

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